"Let's go exploring!" Calvin and Hobbes


Lady Hunters

Nominated for Best Performance by Women in Horror Film Festival, 2018

Directed by Angela Atwood; Also starring Angela Atwood and Lara Buck 


Carrying Helen 

Written and produced by Marianne Hardart; Directed by Elena Kritter and Casey Burden with choreography by Karine Plantadit

Through her specific physical choices and savvy writing, Hardart is able to depict full conversations between the two without missing a beat, often switching on a dime for a perfect comedic reaction or a magnetic moment of silent doubt. The performance is really something special, and it took reminding myself several times that I was actually witnessing the work of one actor in both of the roles.
— Theatre is Easy


Keith Barraclough's The Redhead Project


A wee bit from the Comedy Cellar.