You know how the annual awards shows have In Memoriam?  When they take a break from proceedings to remember those who have died in the past year?  

Well, this isn’t that.  

But it’s sort of my version.  

From time to time I will use this space to thank people who have been so supportive and encouraging of this leap (which, honestly, is pretty much everyone).  

It is mostly due to my own limitations that everyone isn’t listed at once. But also because the list keeps growing.  

And maybe because it’s good to just stop the proceedings every once in a while and be grateful in a very specific way.

Here’s the start…..

Maricha Miles, Executive Director of Only Make Believe ( – check it out!) and one of the first people I told, for immediately assuming success.

Nancy Hardart (aka Mom) for so many things I’m going to have to include her every time I do one of these lists.  This time….for agreeing not to envision me in any kind of safety net job.

Dennis Sklenar for leaving me a message from Warner Brothers Studios asking for a meeting with me and…well, Dennis. About a starring role with Hugh Jackman and Bette Midler (see what he did there?). 

JoEllen Zembruski-Ruple for being a “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” kind of friend.

Evrett James-Holder for so generously and beautifully reminding me that I made an impact.

Warren Kelley for all of the times he has said “of course you can and you will!”  And then for pointing me in the direction of Esper Studio.

Steven Katz for making me feel that, at least every time I’m with him, I can do no wrong.

Gus Hardart for not for a moment questioning the practicality of his little sister’s plan.

Shakisha Cox for being the backbone of the Therapeutic Recreation, Child Life & Creative Arts Therapies Department and one of the funniest storytellers ever.  And for giving me a classic Cox family story to use on an audition.

Sister Eleanor Carr (Aunt Elly, to me) who guessed what I was doing before I had the chance to tell her and then reveled in the adventure of it.

Many more to come…